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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Porch Swing6

A porch swing should be comfortable and strong. This one features a curved seat and an angled back for comfort. And solid mortise and tenon joints for strength.

  • Page 12: Figure 19
    Arm rest left end height measurement printed as 2" but should be 2 1/4".
  • Page 13: Supplies list
    Two errors: (1) List indicates that 55 #8 x 1 1/2" Fh Bronze Woodscrews needed; it should be 35. (2) List indicates that 17 #8 x 2" Fh Bronze Woodscrews needed but it should be 37.
  • Page 12: Figure 19
    The armrest measurement from the end of the curve shown as 8" is, in reality 7". The full measurement (21") given elsewhere is correct.

Mortise & Tenon14

A special bit and a simple step-by-step technique are the secrets to cutting tight-fitting mortise and tenon joints.

Shop Notes16

Hall Mirror18

This weekend project is a simple mortise and tenon frame with a few extras: a small shelf, some coat pegs, and strips of applied molding.

Jigs & Fixtures22

A close-up look at the materials and hardware we use to build precision into the jigs in our shop.

Tool Tote26

Just a common tool tote -- except it's joined with pinned box joints. These make it strong yet easy to build. Plus, there's a sliding tray to hold tools that tend to get buried.

  • Page 29: Figure 11
    Item E Handle. Dowel measurement is printed as 1 x 25 but it should be 1 x 24.

Outdoor Woodscrews30

Not all outdoor woodscrews are alike. Here's some help on choosing the best type for your next project.

Final Details32