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Tips & Techniques4

Classic Sideboard6

To make this sideboard authentic-looking, we used curly maple veneer and a hand-rubbed varnish finish.

  • Page 13: Materials List
    The labels (T) and (U) are reversed. Item labeled as (T) is actually (U), and vice versa.

Twin Mortise & Tenon14

Sometimes two small mortises and tenons are stronger than a single large one. The reason is simple. There's twice as much good gluing surface.

Shop Notes16


Here's a veneering technique that uses a traditional veneer but with modern adhesives and no clamps.

Apothecary Cabinet20

The drawers in this compact cabinet are joined with a locked rabbet. It's a simple way to get a strong joint.

  • Page 22: Final Assembly exploded view illustration
    Cabinet top (E) width measurement printed as 14 1/2" but it should be 14 1/4".
  • Page 23: Drawers exploded view illustration
    Birch knob measurement printed as 1/2" but it should be 1".
  • Page 23: Illustration for step 3, inset detail
    A measurement line is missing. Drawing should indicate 1/2" between outside surface and router blade.


Protect your heirloom projects with a hand-rubbed finish that's durable and smooth as glass.


Who couldn't use a pair of sturdy sawhorses? This simple design only takes a weekend to build and will last a lifetime.

Talking Shop30

Final Details32