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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Country Hutch6

Simple design and basic joinery make this Hutch easy to build. Knotty pine boards give it a country appearance and keep it affordable, too.

  • Page 13: Figure 20, detail a
    Illustration printed with an extra measurement that should be omitted. There are two 3" measurements shown but only the one on the right edge should be there.

Shop Notes16

Note Board18

Make this Note Board to fit your favorite calendar. Then add an angled shelf to hold a note pad, with a lip on the front to keep writing tools from rolling off.

Accent Carving20

This carving technique is easy to master by following our step-by-step drawings. Also, tips for choosing the best wood, laying out the pattern, and producing clean, crisp details.

Sanding Tips22

A collection of practical sanding tips to help you produce more professional finishes every time, with less work.

Finishing Cabinet24

A roll-around cabinet that makes the job of finishing more convenient. The top revolves on a shop-made "lazy susan."

Talking Shop29

Circle Sanding Jig30

Produce perfectly round -- and smooth -- circles using this jig on a disc sander. It's easily adjustable to a range of sizes.

Final Details32

Master Woodworking Techniques33