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Tips & Techniques4

Classic Bookcase6

This project looks traditional, but it uses simple joinery and knock-down hardware. The result is an impressive bookcase that's much easier to build than it looks.

Finish information: I stained the project with Bartley Pennsylvania Cherry Gel Stain, then wiped on three coats of their Clear varnish.

Shop Notes14

Cutting Board16

This Cutting Board is built from small blocks with the end grain facing up. This looks good and is extremely durable. And it's not built one block at a time -- there's a quicker and easier way.

Assembly Tips20

Useful information for cutting, gluing, flattening, and smoothing the Cutting Board. Or any other project made with the end grain facing up.

Clearing the Air22

Heavy-Duty Shop Filter: This unit uses a furnace blower and three filters to clean the air in the whole shop. Small Area Shop Filter: This economical unit uses a pair of bathroom exhaust fans and a single filter.

For a less expensive filter, you can build the Area Filter shown on page 26. This version uses two bathroom exhaust fans, available at local hardware stores and home centers.

In addition to the fans, you'll also need a quarter sheet of plywood, one furnace filter, and some other supplies.

  • (1) 16" x 20" Furnace Filter
  • (1) Electrical Cord with Plug
  • (4) Wire Nuts
  • (2) Romex Cable Connectors
  • (1) "In-line" Cord Switch
  • (8) Ceiling Hooks
  • (1) Chain (length will vary)
  • (2) 3"-dia. Metal Ducts, 24" long
  • (20) #8 x 2" Fh Woodscrews
  • (12) #8 x l'/2" Fh Woodscrews

Oil Finishes28

There are a lot of oil finishes available today. Here are some helpful tips so you can choose the right one for your projects.

Fluting Jig30

With this shop-built jig, you can rout a series of decorative flutes that are parallel and equally spaced.

Final Details32