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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Garden Bench6

Most of this Bench is built with mortise and tenon joints. The lattice grid of the back is one exception. Its strength comes from multiple edge laps.

  • Page 10: Figures 15, 16, and 17
    All three illustrations show the Back Seat Rail being cut with the back side facing up. It should show the Back Seat Rail being cut with the back side facing down. Simply flip the board face for face.
  • Page 11: Figure 19
    Two errors. 1. The measurement referencing 6" on the Back Upright should show the line extending to the shoulder of the rabbet, not to the end of the Back Upright. If you follow the illustration the measurement should be 7 1/2", not 6". 2. The depth of the mortise should be 1 1/16", not 1/16" as printed.
  • Page 14: Step 33
    The Lattice Strip should be 24 5/16" long, not 23 3/4".

Protecting with Paint15

A project that sits outdoors much of the year requires a lot of protection. One of the best ways to protect it is to give the project a coat of water repellent and a couple coats of paint.

Edge Laps16

Edge laps create a strong, locking grid for latticework, shadowboxes, and drawer dividers. Here are step-by-step instructions on cutting evenly-spaced edge laps.

Shop Notes18

Wall Storage System20

A pegboard tool rack is a common fixture in many shops. Our Storage System for pegboard includes drawer units, shelves, sandpaper storage, and tool racks.

  • Page 22: Exploded view
    The lines from the 3 3/4" measurement should be to the shoulder of the rabbet, not the end of the board. If you follow the illustration your drawer will not be ruined, you will just have two small compartments and one large one instead of three the same size.
  • Page 23: Sandpaper Dispenser exploded view illustration
    Top/bottom piece measurements printed as 3/4" x 4 1/4" - 6" but should be 3/4" x 3 3/4" - 6"

Talking Shop25

Spice Drawer26

Like a "space-saver" appliance, this Drawer hangs beneath your kitchen cupboards. When opened, it swings down so the spices inside are easy to see and within reach.

Spline Groove Jig30

Splines are a great way to align and strengthen beveled miter joints. Here's a jig that works on a router table to rout the grooves for the splines.

Final Details32