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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Stand-Up Desk6

This is more than a desk on tall legs. In order for the project to fit well into today's homes, we improved on a century-old design when we built this walnut classic.

  • Page 8: Figure 3
    Label printed as "Centerline of bit" should be "Outside line of bit".
  • Page 10: Figure 12, Detail a
    Countersunk shank hole shown as vertical but it should be at an angle.
  • Page 12: Figure 25
    Measurement of the drawer side on left side of illustration shown as 5 1/2" but should be 5 1/4".
  • Page 13: Materials List
    Item AA Case Drawer Bott. Measurement shown as 5 x 8 7/8" but should be 5 1/4" x 8".

Dovetail Mortise & Tenon14

Strength... in many directions. That's the benefit of using a tenon shaped like a dovetail. The best thing about the joint is the mating parts are cut on a router table, with just one bit.

Shop Notes16

Picture Frames17

These frames start out as one piece of wood glued up from multiple parts. So there's fine detail without a lot of small pieces. It also makes them easier -- and safer -- to build.

Miter Tips22

A simple miter isn't simple. It demands accurate setups. Here are some tips we find helpful. Plus, a jig for quickly setting your miter gauge to cut at exactly 45°.

Oak Step Stool24

While building this stool we took a different approach to making the stair-stepped sides. But it's not the approach you might expect -- it actually wastes very little wood.

  • Page 26: Figure 6
    Stopped dado depth measurement was omitted from drawing. It is 1/8" deep.

Talking Shop28

Gouge Grinding Jig30

This jig, submitted by subscriber Harry DeFuria, allows you to quickly and accurately sharpen any lathe gauge.

Final Details32