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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Nine great tips submitted by readers and tested in the Woodsmith shop.

Tool Cabinet6

Running short of space for storing hand and power tools? This Tool Cabinet provides plenty of room for both.

Tool Hangers13

Customized hangers for four common hand tools.

Open Mortise Joint14

A new technique for cutting an old joint. Both parts of the joint -- the mortise and the tenon -- are cut on the table saw. No drilling or chiseling required.

Shop Notes16

Five tips we developed while building the projects for this issue.

Small Shaker Bench18

Even small projects have some challenges. For this Small Shaker Bench, the biggest challenge was finding one perfect board to cut all the parts from.

Working Notes22

Some thoughts on how to achieve better results when planning and building a woodworking project.

Talking Shop24

1) Noise in the shop -- power tool decibel levels and hearing protectors. 2) Why does end grain burn when it's cut or routed? And, how can burning be avoided?

Reader's Jig25

Build subscriber Jim Mitchell's jig, and make your plate joiner easier to use.

Tiled Coffee Table26

Detailed plans for combining ceramic tile with a wood frame in a sturdy table. Also, special instructions on laying the tile.

Final Details32