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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

From our readers: two pages of great ideas for solving common woodworking problems.

Quilt Rack6

A spring-loaded rod removes easily for wrinkle-free hanging of a quilt. And a shelf holds plates in a groove.

Through Mortise Jig10

Sometimes it's best to cut a through mortise and tenon joint "inside out." A special jig solves the problem of cutting the mortise to fit the tenon perfectly.

Through Mortise Joint13

A through mortise and tenon joint is strong, and looks good too. Here are the steps for cutting both parts of the joint.

Shop Notes16

While building the projects in this issue, we came up with a few tips and techniques of our own.

Smoothing Panels18

Here's a method for smoothing panels using two common tools: a hand scraper and a belt sander. Plus, some belt sanding tips.

Craftsman Bookcase20

Like many Craftsman-style pieces, this Bookcase has clean, simple lines with decorative joinery. It's also built in the Craftsman tradition, requiring both machine tools and handwork.

Final Details32