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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Nine tips from fellow woodworkers. 1) "Knurled" Nuts. 2) Board Jack for Workbench. 3) Cutting Grooves on Round Tenons. 4) Wire Brad Holder. 5) Allen Wrench Holder. 6) Pigtailed Power Cords. 7) Dowel Centers. Plus Two Quick Tips.

Dovetail Box6

Instead of chopping out the six small compartments with a chisel, we came up with a technique that works even better.

Jewelry Chest8

This project is a perfect combination of walnut veneer (for the side, back, and top panels) and solid walnut (for the frames, drawers, and base).

Shop Notes14

1) Odd-Size Rabbets. 2) Applying Hardwood Veneer. 3) Decorative Flocking. 4) Nipped Brads. 5) Installing Magnetic Door Catches.

Child's Rocker16

Store-bought dowels make it easy to build this comfortable rocking chair for kids. There's no lathe turning required.

  • Page 17: Dowel Diagram and Materials List
    Piece (A) Backrest Spindle shown as 11" long but it should be 11 1/4".

Favorite Accessories23

I'm always on the lookout for a good accessory to make woodworking more accurate, safer, or easier. Here are ten we use most in the Woodsmith shop.

Pendulum Clock26

This wall clock has a quartz movement with a realistic-sounding chime. The clockworks is accessible behind two doors -- like a safe behind a picture.

Final Details32