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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Seven Great Tips. 1) Pipe Clamp Sawhorse. 2) File Guide. 3) Depth Stops for Router. 4) Stop Collar. 5) Cutting Biscuit Slots. 6) Finger Shield. 7) Bungee Cord Clamp. Plus Two Quick Tips.

Portable Workbench6

A solid top doubles as a sturdy bench vise. And when the top is "unbuckled" from the base, the whole bench can be easily carried to the job site.

Band Saw Blades12

Smooth cuts, tight curves, or fast resawing -- there's a blade for every band saw task. Here's what to look for, plus some tips for using different blades.

Shop Notes14

1) Shop-Made Dowels. 2) Fluting Tenons. 3) Custom Sanding Block. 4) Drawing Arcs. 5) Wooden Bench Dogs. 6) Preventing Slip During Glue-Up.

Three-Leg Stool16

The seat for this Stool is actually a number of pieces glued up to look like a solid slab of quarter-sawn oak.

Routing Spindles18

Turning lots of identical spindles on a lathe takes time. We did the same thing quicker -- with a router, electric drill, and this simple jig.

Shaker Bench22

A table saw can be used in place of hand tools for rough shaping the seat on this Shaker-style Bench.

Finishing The Bench30

Cherry wood gradually darkens over time. But a similar effect can be achieved in a day with the right stain.

Final Details32