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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Six great tips. 1) Laying Out Shelf Holes. 2) Bandsawing Multiples. 3) Light-Duty Clamps. 4) A Better Vise Handle. 5) Reinforcing Miter Joints. 6) Sanding Chamfers. Plus Two Quick Tips.

Jelly Cupboard6

The door on this Jelly Cupboard offers a choice. It can be solid wood with a "raised" field, or punched tin for more of a country look.

Finish information: We started with a coat of wood sealer, then we stained with a 50/50 mix of Minwax Golden oak and Minwax Colonial Maple.

Wood Movement12

You can't stop wood from moving. But there are ways to design a project so it doesn't come apart later.

Clamping Tips14

Clamps by themselves are great tools. But sometimes they need a little help. Here are some tips to make ordinary clamps even more useful.

Shop Notes16

1) Centered Dadoes on the Table Saw. 2) Making Quarter-Round Molding. 3) Cutting Raised Panels. 4) Routing Custom-Fit Dadoes.

Compound Miters18

Cutting compound miters accurately can be quite a challenge. Here's the step-by-step procedure we follow to obtain the best results.

Silverware Tray22

Angled sides make it easy to get at the contents of this tray. The handle divides the tray into two sections.

Fire Truck24

This Fire Truck looks like an authentic replica. But adding the realistic-looking details doesn't require any special tools.

Final Details32