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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Six tips from fellow woodworkers. 1) Pipe Clamp Spreader. 2) Squaring a Saw Blade. 3) Using Biscuits to Glue Breadboard Ends. 4) Routing Large Half-Rounds. Plus Quick Tips.

Country Coat Rack6

This Coat Rack is like a closet on the wall. It holds outdoor items right where they're needed -- near the door.

Gluing Up Panels11

For some projects, solid wood panels are a better choice than plywood. We discuss the best ways to select wood, match grain, and assemble a panel.

Shop Notes14

1) Tall Fence for the Router Table. 2) Hidden Compartment Behind a Drawer. 3) Router Edge Guide.

Slant Front Desk16

Solid cherry construction makes this Slant Front Desk an heirloom project. Inside is a handy pigeonhole unit with drawers, dividers, and a shelf.

Ogee Bracket Feet26

You don't have to be a sculptor to make decorative feet. Step-by-step instructions reduce it to a series of cove, curve, and smoothing operations.

  • Page 26: Illustration 2
    Width of template is printed as 3 1/2" but should be 3 1/4".

Sharp Teeth30

A close-up look at the business end of a crosscut blade. Plus, how to recognize a well-sharpened carbide tooth.

Final Details32