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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Five great tips. 1) Ripping Thin Strips. 2) Cutting a Lid from a Box. 3) Jaw Pads for Clamps. 4) Shop-Made Rasp. 5) A Better Glue Bottle.

Shelving Unit6

These shelves can be positioned to hold items of various sizes. And the whole unit can still be knocked down and easily moved.


How to cut thick wood into thin stock on the band saw and table saw. Plus, some interesting effects that can be achieved from resawing.

Portable Planer14

How to get the most out of a portable thickness planer. Also, a special section on trouble shooting.

Shop Notes16

1) Adjusting Drawer Runners. 2) Buying Pine. 3) Aligning Lid Mortises 4) Cutting Short Dowels.

Sanding Table18

The winner of our Dust Collection Contest solves two common shop problems -- collecting dust when sanding, and filtering dust from the air.

Cabinetmaker's Chest20

This oak Cabinetmaker's Chest has seven drawers as well as a deep storage compartment under the lid.

Favorite Hand Tools28

The Woodsmith staff offers some thoughts on what tools belong in every woodworker's shop.

Final Details32