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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Seven great tips. 1) Trimming Dovetails Flush. 2) Shim Saver. 3) Switch Extender. 4) Custom Fitting Dadoes. Plus Quick Tips.

Oak Rocking Chair6

This Oak Rocking Chair is made from quartersawn white oak. It's a solid, handsome heirloom.

  • Page 11: Figure 14
    Measurement on left side of illustration is out of place. As printed, it says 8" from top down to indicated line. It should be 8" from bottom up to indicated line.
  • Page 7: Overall dimensions
    The width of the chair should be 28", not 25" as originally printed.
  • Page 7: Cutting Diagram
    Clarification: The materials list indicates 5 back slats (part B) but the cutting diagram shows only 3. This is because the cutting diagram is showing blanks; you cut 2 slats from each blank and use the best 5, per the instructions on page 8.

Angled Tenon Jig14

Use this jig on the router table when you need to cut angled tenons (as for the Rocking Chair).

Shop Notes16

1) Gluing an Octagon. 2) Fitting Legs to Rockers. 3) Sizing Splines. 4) Using an Adjustable Triangle. 5) Modifying a Bit.

Oval Mirror18

The frame for this Oval Mirror is shaped using a router -- so is the complex profile. We show you how.

Oval Cutting Jig22

Drawing an oval is one thing, but cutting one is something else. Build this jig for use with your router.

Quick Fixes26

Five fixes from the Woodsmith Shop. 1) Loose Tenons. 2) Open Miters. 3) Lifted Veneer. 4) Router Chipout. 5) Cracks & Splits.

Router Table Tips28

A shop-made fence to convert your router table into an edge jointer or a zero-clearance fence.

Removing Screws30

Have you ever tried to dig a broken or damaged screw out of a project? Here are two ways to help ease the pain.

Final Details32