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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Six great tips. 1) Trimming Laminate. 2) Making a Marking Gauge. 3) Cutting Plywood. 4) Checking a Miter Gauge. Plus Quick Tips.

Chess Board6

This solid wood Chess Board looks like it's built from little squares of wood. It's not -- there's an easier way.

Child's Clothes Rack12

The train is assembled like a jigsaw puzzle. Long axles and big wheels serve as clothes hooks. Who knows, this may be one clothes rack the kids will like well enough to use.

Shop Notes16

Four tips from our shop. 1) Cutting a Lid Off a Box. 2) Sanding Mitered Corneres. 3) Keyhole Hangers. 4) Routing a Smooth Edge.

Sleigh Centerpiece18

Laminated Runners and detailed joinery make this Sleigh Centerpiece an heirloom. The polished brass springs add a note of authenticity.

  • Page 23: Figure 15
    Riding Compartment Panel (I). Measurement in upper right is printed as 1 3/16" but should be 13/16"

Secret Box24

Here's an interesting small box with a secret -- a hidden drawer. The illusion is in the joinery: tight miters and a sliding panel.

Talking Shop28

Answers to questions from readers. 1) Redwood Trees. 2) Hard and Rock Maple. 3) Carbide Cutters. 4) Multi-Purpose Tools vs. Stand-Alone Tools. 5) Glue Strength.

Finishing Tips Contest30

The results are in for our Shop Tips Contest. The Winners: Using One-Step Finishes, Finishing Large Surfaces, and a Finish Scraper.

Final Details32