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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Five great tips. 1) Drilling Out Mortises. 2) Carriage for Bevels. 3) Dimpled Splines. 4) Router Table Push Block. 5) Containers for Mixing.

Book Stand6

The legs are made on a lathe in short, easy-to-turn sections. And the top lies flat or tilts -- thanks to a shop-made ratchet system.

Square Leg Design12

The Book Stand can also be built with square legs. No lathe needed.

Micro-Adjustable Fence13

This fence can be made to fit any band saw table. A sliding wedge system allows precise adjustments.

Shop Notes16

1) A Template for Turning Spindles. 2) Band Saw "Drift." 3) Drilling into the End of Long Stock. 4) Enlarging a Round Tenon. 5) Checking for Square.

Cutting Plywood18

The results are in for our Shop Tips Contest. The winners: A Circular Saw Edge Guide, T-Square Router Guide, and an A-Frame Support.

Talking Shop20

Answers to questions from readers. 1) Avoiding Blotchy Stain. 2) Steamed Cherry. 3) Saw Blade Selection. 4) Tempered Hardboard.

Drafting Cabinet22

The front of this cabinet pivots down on steel pins to a comfortable height for drawing.

Notes on Design28

What goes into the design of a Woodsmith project? Here's a look at the evolution of the Drafting Cabinet.

Final Details32