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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Five great tips. 1) Height Gauge. 2) Tool Stand. 3) Raised Panel Jig. Plus, two useful Quick Tips.

Entertainment Center6

The hardware for the doors on this cabinet lets you open the doors and slide them back into the cabinet, beside the TV.

Concealed Hinges14

These European-style concealed hinges are easy to install -- and with just a turn of a screw, they make it easy to perfectly position the doors.

Shop Notes16

1) Tips for Squaring a Cabinet. 2) Routing Recesses for Shelf Pins. 3) Jig for Mortising Miters. 4) Trimming off Edging Strips.

Stationery Box18

This weekend project has traditional hand-cut dovetails. It also features a unique joint for the raised panel top.

Hand-Cut Dovetails24

Before you pick up a saw to cut dovetails, you have to start with the correct layout procedure.

Dovetail Pins & Tails26

Step-by-step procedures showing how to lay out, cut, and fit the interlocking parts of a dovetail joint.

Dovetail Jigs & Tips28

Three jigs and a tip to help you produce tight-fitting dovetails.

Talking Shop30

Our favorite way to true up an aluminum oxide grinding wheel. Also, an interesting story from a shop teacher about installing hinges.

Final Details32