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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Great tips from fellow woodworkers. 1) Table Saw Jointing. 2) Crosscut Jig. 3) Putty Knife Scraper. 4) Grinding Stop Gauge. 5) Two Quick Tips. 6) Scroll Saw Tips.

Pedestal Desk6

This desk is a classic that has it all: solid oak frames with oak plywood panels, dovetail drawers, a large file drawer, and a top with inlaid walnut strips. There's even an optional vanity panel.

  • Page 8: Figure 2, Pedestal back section, Back Panel
    Back Panels (L) shown as 5" wide but should be 5 1/16" wide.

Shop Notes16

1) Cutting a Coped Joint. 2) Shop-Made Drawer Pulls.

In/Out Box18

Box-joined corners on this desk box are rounded over on both the outside and the inside to produce the effect of bent fingers. It's an interesting variation on a basic joinery technique.

Shoulder Planes22

These specialty hand planes can produce tight-fitting joints by picking up where machines leave off. We discuss how to set up a shoulder plane and then use it. And, some recommendations on which ones are best for your purposes.

Talking Shop26

1) Hand Plane Numbering System. 2) Tips on Using Double-Sided Carpet Tape in the Shop. 3) Router Bit Maintenance.

Desk Clock28

Hidden in the base of this miniature architectural timepiece is a storage chamber for business cards or desk items. It's a great weekend project.

  • Page 28: Figure 1
    Front/Back Stairs (A) measurement shown as 5 1/4" but should be 5 3/8".
  • Page 29: Figure 6
    Front/Back Stairs (A) measurement shown as 5 1/4" but should be 5 3/8".

Final Details32