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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Five great tips from fellow woodworkers. 1) Making a Jig for Sanding Circles. 2) Cutting Beveled Notches for Sawhorse Legs. 3) Scrapers from Japanese Saws. 4) Cutting Odd Angles. 5) Gauging the Depth of Dowel Holes.

Display Cabinet6

Shop-made moldings and glass-paned doors produce a Display Cabinet with classic lines.

  • Page 12: Figure 12
    Upper vertical divider (HH) measurements are incorrect. From left to right, they are printed as: 13 3/4" , 11 1/2" , 11 1/2" , 13 3/4" but they should be: 13 5/8" , 11 5/8" , 11 5/8" , 13 5/8".

Gun Cabinet13

Simple modifications change the Display Cabinet into a handsome case to store and display your guns.

Matched Moldings14

We show you how to make doors that look like they came from a cabinet shop -- using two common router bits.

Shop Notes16

1) How to Lay Out Dentil Molding. 2) Installing Inset Hinges. 3) Positioning Shelves in a Cabinet. 4) Cutting Half Laps on Thin Stock.

Sewing Box18

The top trays pivot open to uncover a long case. It's a weekend project with lots of storage for sewing supplies.

  • Page 19: Materials List, Supplies
    Two errors. 1. List says that 16 1/2" Extra-Long Brass Rivets are needed but it should be 18. 2. List says that 16 #6 Flat Brass Washers are needed but it should be 18.
  • Page 22: Instructions for installing arms with rivets
    Directions recommend setting the rivets using a sharp hammer blow from inside the case, but it may be difficult to swing the hammer in this limited space. Therefore we recommend placing a small drop of "Loctite" or another slow cure, cyanoacrylate glue (super glue) inside the cap before attempting to squeeze the two parts of the rivet together. This method should also serve to set the rivets if there are small variations of the inside diameter of the rivet cap.

Box Joint Jig24

Accurate box joints are easier than ever. Our Box Joint Jig works on your table saw or router table.

  • Page 26: Instructions for Index Plate and Pin, and Figure 9
    Instructions and Figure 9 indicate that piece G- Index Pin is 2 3/4" long but it should be 1 3/4".

Making Box Joints27

We show techniques to make strong and attractive box joints using our adjustable Box Joint Jig.

Sharpening Contest28

The results are in for our Sharpening Tips Contest. The winners: Two jigs for easy, more accurate sharpening.

Talking Shop30

1) Tips on Rust Prevention in the Shop. 2) Rechargeable Batteries.

Final Details32