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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Six tips from fellow woodworkers: 1) A Third Hand for Mounting Router Bits. 2) Saw Blade Guards. 3) A Sawhorse Table Base. 4) Checking 22½° Miters. 5) Routing In Multiple Passes. 6) Table L-Brackets.

  • Page 4: Illustration (knob and insert)
    Threaded knob size printed as 5/16" but should be a 1/4" knob. Threaded insert, same correction.
  • Page 5: Detail a
    3 errors on the stop block. 1. The width measurement across the top should be 1 1/2", not 1" as originally printed. 2. The rabbets on the left edge should be 3/16" deep, not 7/16" as printed. 3. The height of the stop block is 3", not 1" as originally printed.
  • Page 4: Exploded view
    The size of the carriage bolt is incorrect. It is printed as 1/2 - 16 x 6" but it should be 1/2 - 13 x 6".

Patio Table6

We built a unique octagonal Table using two different woods -- California redwood for the frame and base, and western cedar for the slats in the top.

Accent Lamp12

Nothing brightens an area like a lamp. And all you need to make this Accent Lamp is a weekend. We've even provided a source for the hardware, decorative strips, and a lamp shade.

Shop Notes16

1) Shop-Built Kerfing Jig. 2) Pilot Bearing Tracks. 3) Clamping Solutions. 4) Removing a Router Bearing.

Redwood Planter18

The details at the corners are only part of what makes this Redwood Planter a classic for the garden or patio. In keeping with the traditional look, it's assembled with traditional mortise and tenon joinery.

Japanese Saws24

There's more to Japanese saws than razor-sharp teeth. We show you how to use them and offer tips on which style to buy. Plus, we take a look at a Western version of a Japanese saw.


The results are in for our sawhorse contest. And the winners are: a Knock-Down Sawhorse, a Folding Sawhorse, and a Conventional Sawhorse.

Talking Shop30

How do you refinish outdoor furniture? And how to prevent stepped tenons when cutting on the table saw.

Final Details32