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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

A New Tips Contest and five great tips from fellow woodworkers: 1) Adjustable Roller Stand. 2) Router Table Push Block. 3) Improved Tenon Cutting Jig. 4) A Chip Slinger. 5) Sandpaper Files.

Bent Lamination6

We answer lots of questions on bending thin strips of wood. Everything from "how thick" to "how much".

Hall Tree10

A traditional favorite, this solid walnut Hall Tree features four distinctive bent wood S-hooks. Besides the S-hooks, the legs and the wooden ring provide different bending challenges.

Laminated Ring16

Making a laminated ring is not as difficult as it sounds. And the same technique could even be used to make your own wooden wheels.

Shop Notes18

1) Rub Arm. 2) Sanding Drum Problems. 3) Router Base Plate for Cutting Circles. 4) Wood Plugs.

Fern Stand20

The bent wood legs of this graceful Fern Stand are accented by a walnut strip sandwiched between oak strips.

Talking Shop24

We discuss the difference between flatsawn and quartersawn lumber. Plus, we look at calipers and talk about clamping time.

Tools & Techniques26

Radial Arm Saw: A New Table Top, A Fence Support Ledge, A Miter Jig, And A Safety Handle

Fence & Stop Block28

A shop-made adjustable stop block and a new wood fence put the finishing touches on our radial arm saw.

Final Details32