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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Great tips from fellow woodworkers: 1) Router Mortising Jig. 2) Horizontal Boring on the Mortising Table. 3) Splitter Insert. 4) Quick Tips.

Tall Case Clock6

We built this Tall Case Clock out of cherry wood and designed it to be welcome in any house. It's sure to become a treasured heirloom.

  • Page 9: Frame A instructions.
    Last sentence says to pre-drill five countersunk shank holes, but it should be seven.
  • Page 13: Doors instructions
    Labeling error in text. Reference to "head case door stiles (Q)" should read "head case door stiles (S)".
  • Page 14: Third paragraph, starts with "Now cut..."
    Sentence reads "Now cut two 1/8" wide and 1/8" deep grooves..." but should be "Now cut two 1/8" wide and 1/32" deep grooves...."
  • Page 31: Sources
    A hardware and clock works kit can be purchased from Clockworks, www.clockworks.com, 1-888-200-7445. The part number is KIT45105094CM (Westminster chain driven complete kit with 11 x 11 dial).

Talking Shop15

Shop Notes16

1) Routing Along the Edge of a Workpiece. 2) A Miter and Spline Joint. 3) Making and Using a Featherboard.

Roller Stand18

A welcome addition to any shop, this adjustable-height roller stand is simple and inexpensive to build.

  • Page 23: Instructions and illustration under Wide Roller Stand.
    Support ties length printed in text and in illustration as 22 3/4" but should be 23 3/4".


The frame-and-panel door of this mailbox pulls down to reveal a convenient bin for letters and magazines.

Tools & Techniques28

Ripping on the Table Saw: How to set up your table saw to rip boards accurately and safely.

Hold-Down Clamp30

Every shop should have a few of these handy clamps. They're easy to make and very versatile.

Final Details32