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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Six great tips from fellow woodworkers: 1. A tenon cutting jig. 2. Clamping to a drill press. 3. Edge-gluing trick. 4. Dovetail layout. 5. Simple burnisher. 6. Polishing Plexiglass.


Angled legs don't necessarily mean a complex project. Simple joinery and knock-down fasteners make quick work of this sturdy maple Highchair.

  • Page 8: Illustration 1 (leg rails)
    Piece "C" length printed as 13 3/8" but should be 13 1/2"
  • Page 9: Illustration 7 (leg frame assembly)
    Spacer block measurement printed as 2 1/2" but should be 3 1/8" OR change bottom rail to 13 1/2"

Mortising Table12

This table may change the way you approach woodworking. It holds a router horizontally so cutting an accurate mortise is a snap.

Mortise & Spline14

A hybrid joint that doesn't require a lot of tedious fitting.

Shop Notes16

Tips from inside the Woodsmith shop: 1. Burnishing a miter. 2. Raising an arched panel. 3. Securing panels in frames. 4. Working with warp.


A graceful curved top and raised panel doors create a stately heirloom project.

Arched Molding26

Making an arched molding doesn't have to be difficult. Here are detailed instructions for every step of the job.

Talking Shop30

A router and the right type of bit are what really make the Mortising Table work.

Final Details32