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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques3

Cheval Mirror4

  • Page 5: Figure 5
    (1) The measurement 4 1/2" line should have bars at each end, but the line ends in arrows. (2) The width of piece "D" is missing. It is 2 1/4"

Shop Notes9

Round Clock Frame10

  • Page 24: Round Clock Hardware source
    Parts not available from the indicated source. Possible source for clock parts: Klockit (800) 556-2548 -Bezel #27002 9 7/8" dia. 9 11/16" max dial size. -Dial #26627 9 13/16" trim to fit. -Movement #10082 for dials up to 3/8" thick.

Oil Finishes12

Round Dining Table16

Router Jig22

Talking Shop23