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Table of Contents

Reader's Tips6

Trimming Doors & Windows12

Chisel Tips & Techniques16

Router Bit Maintenance18

Tool Cabinet32

This two-part cabinet is a clinic in classic joinery techniques. And it houses a lot of tools in a small space

  • Page 38: Lower illustration, Detail 'd'
    Detail 'd' shows a part labeled as EE; this should be AA, as it is the rear shadow band.

Snow Sled42

This Alpine-inspired sled delights both in the workshop and out on the slopes.

  • Page 44: Main illustration, Detail 'a'
    Detail 'a' in the lead illustration shows the shoulder of the tenon (parts b,c) is 1/2" thick; it should be 1/4".
  • Page 45: Main illustration
    The rails should sit 1/2" in from the outside, in relation to the end of the stretchers.

Flame-Resistant Storage Cabinet48

This cabinet raises the safety level of your shop by protecting finishing supplies from fire.

Hall Bench54

Here’s a tribute to streamlined design and construction. And you get some extra seating to boot.

Installing Concealed Hinges60

Concealed hinges are available from most woodworking retailers and home centers.

Outfeed Support64

  • Page 65: Exploded view, main illustration
    The part labeled “Column” is dimensioned incorrectly. It should be 4 ½” x 24.