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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques6

  • Page 6: multiple
    1) Detail 'a' shows a radius of 1 3/4"; this should be 1 3/8". 2) In the online extra for this same tip, the outside diameter is shown as 3 1/2". the correct measurement should be 2 3/4". 3) Additionally, the bug for this tip is telling people to go to WoodsmithSpecials.com/252 but should be sending them to Woodsmith.com/252.

Online Extras

Infinity Router Table10

  • Infinity Cutting Tools
    Router Table … PRTS-100
    1 1⁄2"–3" Fence Clamp … 100-536
    3"–4 1⁄2" Fence Clamp … 100-537

Using Kumiko in Furniture14

Frame & Panel Construction16

Sea Chest26

You don’t need to be headed out to sea to enjoy the storage provided by this handsome chest.

Online Extras

The bulk of the chest was painted with General Finishes “China Blue.” All other parts were sprayed with lacquer.

Prairie-Style Tall Clock34

This clock ticks all the boxes: mechanical movement, custom face and bob, and unique gridwork in the door.

  • Page 38: Main illustration
    Parts ‘J’ and ‘K’ are listed as being 3” tall; they should be 3.5” tall.
  • Page 35: Materials list
    Parts ‘J’ and ‘K’ are listed as being 3” tall; they should be 3.5” tall. Additionally, rather than 3 parts BB, there should be two parts BB and one part CC Bottom Bob Bracket (3/8” x 2”).
  • Page 41: Bottom illustration
    Part ‘BB’ points to three parts. The top two are ‘BB’, the bottom one should be ‘CC Bottom Bob Bracket (3/8” x 2”)’

The case of the clock was finished with Varathane “Traditional Cherry” gel stain and sprayed with a couple of coats of lacquer.

Craftsman Night Stand42

Taking cues from an earlier dresser, this project puts storage and quartersawn white oak front and center.

The nightstand was finished with Varathane “Gunstock” stain. When the stain was dry, the night stand was sprayed with a couple of coats of lacquer.

Screw Threads in Wood60