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Woodworking Smartphone Apps14

Wine Rack28

Try this compact serving and storage solution for keeping a few bottle of wine ready to hand. Learn some techniques for solid construction along the way.

The wine rack was finished with Varathane “Traditional Cherry” gel stain. After staining, the rack was sprayed with a couple of coats of lacquer.

English Workbench34

This traditional English workbench is a time-tested workbench design. It’s plank top, wide front apron, and stout base are ready to serve you for years.

The bench was finished with butcher block oil. The wood screw is first coated with penetrating oil. Then rubbed with paste wax when dry.

Plywood Boat44

Plywood construction, some epoxy, and a little bit of time are a small investment when compared to the sheer joy you’ll have as you spend time on the water.

  • Page 55: Materials list
    The materials list shows the sides of the boat being 3/8 ply, but they are 1/4”. This appears correct everywhere else.

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The boat was painted with Duralux Marine paint in “White” and “Signal Red.”

A Smooth Epoxy Finish56

Avoiding Kickback62

Top Options for Jig Runners66