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Reader Feedback5

Tips & Techniques6

Shaper Origin10

We take this handheld CNC router for a spin in our shop. Find out how it operates and what it’s capable of.

  • Shaper Tools

Router Table Fence Options14

The fence makes or breaks a router table. Learn what your options are in terms of different fence styles.

Coaster Set22

A simple router jig is the secret to making the lattice-like patterns in these coasters. And once you have everything set up, the process is almost automatic.

Router Plane28

Despite its look, this is no Mickey-Mouse project. This shopbuilt router plane is sure to become a favorite tool in your shop, and one that will get used often.

A few coats of wiping warnish are all the router plane needs before it’s ready for action.

Standing Mirror32

The front of this floor-standing mirror opens to reveal storage compartments for jewelry, scarves, or other accessories. And the mirror tilts for the optimum viewing angle.

The mirror for the door was purchase from a local glass glazer. The standing mirror was stained with Varathane “Traditional Cherry” gel stain. Then, I sprayed on a couple coats of clear lacquer.

Candle Centerpiece40

A block of wood and a couple of hours of shop time are all you need to build this attractive candle centerpiece. It makes a great last-minute gift idea.

The glass candle holders were purchased at a local craft store. The finish on the maple and cherry holders started with a coat of General Finishes “Seal-ACell”. The white oak holder was stained with General Finishes “Java” gel stain. Then, I sprayed on a couple coats of clear lacquer on all the holders. The oak holder had Briwax Liming wax applied over the lacquer.

Welsh Stick Chair44

Building a chair is no small feat. We’ve kept the design of this folk-style chair simple enough to make it approachable, while still giving you the full chair-making experience.

Online Extras

Setting Up Your Chisels58

Here’s a reliable method to get the best performance out of your chisels, whether they’re used or new.

Making Round Cuts62

Impress your woodworking friends with these techniques for making round cuts on the table saw.