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Reader Feedback5

Lignum Vitae10

  • Page 10: Text, first column
    About 2/3 of the way down the first column, the word “Bermuda” should read “the Bahamas”.

Top Router Accessories12

Self-clamping tool guides are available from a variety of woodworking retailers as well as Amazon. Some accessories (such as edge guides) are specific to a particular brand and/or model of router.

Shaker Boxes20

If you’ve ever wanted to try steam bending, Shaker boxes are a great project to start with. And we’ve added a couple of our own design touches to this classic form.

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The top and bottom of the boxes were dyed with Transtint “Ebony” dye. The strips were treated with Varathane “Weathered Wood Accelerator”. After drying, everything was sprayed with multiple coats of lacquer.

Pharmacy Cabinet26

The distinctive legs are the focal point of this versatile cabinet. They’re also the most intriguing aspect when it comes to building this storage project.

The glass for the door and panels is 1⁄8"-thick, cord patterned glass that was purchased at a local stained glass store. The glass shelves are 1⁄4"-thick tempered glass purchased at a local hardware store.

The pharmacy cabinet was painted with “Queenstown Gray” milk paint from General Finishes, then topped with two coats of spray lacquer.

Steam Locomotive34

All aboard for this fun (and challenging) model locomotive. It’s an exercise in patience and making small parts, but the reward is a showpiece that you’ll treasure for years.

The locomotive was given a coat of General Finishes “Seal-a- Cell.” After drying, it was given a couple of coats of spray lacquer prior to applying decals.

Art Nouveau Bookstand46

Flowing, organic lines are a hallmark of the Art Nouveau style. We’ve incorporated these details into this bookstand, along with plenty of traditional woodworking.

  • Page 51: Details 'I' and 'H'
    The drawing on page 51 erroneously indicates that the tenon shoulder is 3/4" down from the upper edge of the stretcher. It should be 1". In the top drawing (for part I), the leader line should indicate that the groove is 3/4" down from the edge. Then in the lower drawing (H), the 3/4" measurement should be 1" to show that the top mortises in the legs start 1" from the upper end.

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The bookstand was given a coat of General Finishes “Seal-a-Cell”. After drying, the entire bookstand received a couple of coats of spray lacquer.

Glued-Up Legs56

Dovetail Design Elements60

  • Page 63: First Caption
    There is a missing line of copy in the first caption at the bottom of the page. The missing line should read “making the tails overly wide though.”