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Table of Contents

Reader Feedback5

Tips & Techniques6

Combination Squares10

Learn what to look for when selecting a combination square, as well as tips on putting it to use in your shop.

“Ripping” Stock14

No jointer? No problem. Create smooth, parallel edges on your workpieces at the router table.

Better Results with Forstner Bits16

Get more from these shop staples by learning a few tips on selecting and using Forstner bits.

Beverage Stand18

Placed next to a couch or your favorite chair, this small stand is the perfect place to set your cup of coffee or drink while relaxing. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to fire up your lathe.

Online Extras

CNC Router Pt. 222

In part two of our CNC router project, we add the router mount and install all the electrical components. Then it’s finally ready to flip the switch for its maiden run.

Cuckoo Clock34

The whimsical design of this clock case makes it the perfect companion for a cuckoo clock movement. This project is a treat for the eyes as well as the ears.

Online Extras

Setup Gauge42

You’ll find a multitude of uses around the shop for this handy setup gauge. The best part is that you can build it in a weekend from just a few scraps of wood and some brass.

Tansu Cabinet46

This scaled-down version of a traditional Tansu cabinet offers a number of woodworking challenges, including oversized box joints, sliding doors, and an aged paint finish.

Handcut Large Box Joints56

Box joints are usually cut on the table saw or router table. But for large box joints, this hand technique works well.

Flattening Waterstones60

Keeping your waterstones flat is an important step to getting the best results when sharpening your tools.

Glue Line Rip Blades64

Do glue line rip blades live up to the hype? Find out as we take an in-depth look at how well they work.