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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques5

Dust Protection10

Drilling with a Router12

Top-Notch Coping Saws14

  • Blue Spruce Toolworks
    Ultimate Coping Saw ... varies
  • Knew Concepts
    Coping Saw ... 125.012
    Titanium Fret Saw ... 125.005T
  • Elkhead Tools
    Knew Concepts Handle ... varies

Tongue Drum16

The techniques that go into making this drum are similar to those you’d use for building a small box. The difference with this project is that you get to play with it when you’re done.

The tongue drum was finished with two coats of spray lacquer.

Drill Bit Storage Cabinet22

This storage cabinet provides space for your drill bits as well as most of your drill press accessories. A clever system of racks and shelves allows you to customize it to suit your needs.

Dog Kennel30

We designed this project to look more like a piece of furniture than a kennel. It provides a wonderful home for your pet, while at the same time blending into your own home.

The case of the kennel was painted with Benjamin Moore “Balsam.” The cherry parts were stained with Varathane “Traditional Cherry” gel stain, followed by a couple coats of clear lacquer.

Bevel Gauges38

There’s always a great deal of satisfaction in using a tool that you’ve made yourself. This pair of bevel gauges is easy to make and will give you a lifetime of service.

Cherry Armoire42

Taking a cue from the Scottish Arts & Crafts tradition, this classic armoire offers plenty of storage space inside. And you’ll enjoy the challenge of building it.

  • Page 53: Part B
    Part B (Back) is listed as 3/4" ply. It should be 1/2" ply.
  • Page 46: Detail 'e'
    In Detail 'e', the mortise is in the wrong location. Detail 'a' in Figure 2 shows the accurate location.
  • Page 53: Parts 'AA' and 'BB'; Also Needed
    In the materials, supplies and cutting diagram parts 'AA' and 'BB' should be 1"-thick, not 3/4". In the "also needed" section the 1/4" cherry plywood should be 24" x 48".

The armoire is stained with Varathane “Traditional Cherry” Gel Stain. Then, it's sprayed with a couple coats of clear lacquer.

Taming Tearout54

The Low-Angle Jack from Lie- Nielsen ships with the blade used for smoothing (1-BL-62).

Dealing with Snipe56

Making Stopped Cuts62