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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques5

Accent Woods10

Routing with Trammels12

Attach your router to a board. Pin it down on one end. Making precise curves and circles is a little more complex than that, but not much.

The Jasper Tools web site has a directory of retailers that sell their products. Trammels and circle cutting jigs are also available from Rockler and amazon.


  • StewMac
    Replacement Cutters0486-C

Spiral Candle Holder16

This decorative candle holder is the perfect centerpiece for your holiday dinners. It’s also a creative use for those special pieces of scrap wood that you’ve been hoarding.

All of the hardware for the tealight candle centerpiece is available at most hardware stores and home centers.

Hobby Station22

This tabletop workcenter can be customized for any number of hobbies. It offers multiple options for storage and organization of materials and tools.

To finish the hobby box, I started by detaching the swing-out trays and removing the drawers. The entire hobby station was then given multiple coats of spray lacquer.

Display Cabinet28

Open glass shelves, a series of drawers and compartments, and a concealed tray provide the perfect place to store and display any collection of treasures or keepsakes.

  • Page 39: [Several parts]
    Several parts were mislabeled in the cutting diagram: the segments labeled LL should be HH, the segment labeled KK should be LL, and the segment labeled HH is unneeded.
  • Page 38: [Several labels]
    Several of the part labels in the How-To section are incorrect. In Figure 1, part LL should be HH; in Figure 2, part HH should be II; and in Figure 3 the unlabeled false front piece should be labeled LL.

The tempered glass shelves were custom cut by a local glass supplier. Two coats of spray lacquer were applied to the finished cabinet.

Painted Rocking Horse40

Based on a 19th-century design, this horse swings back and forth on bent steel rods that you fashion in your own shop. It offers plenty of woodworking challenges, as well.

  • Page 53: Cutting Diagram, second board
    On the second board from the top in the cutting diagram, letters 'B' and 'C' are reversed. 'B' should be the first part on the board and 'C' should be the last part.
  • Page 52: Main Drawing
    In the main drawing on page 52, we call out the lag bolts as 3/8"- 18. Then in the materials list on page 53, we list them as 3/8"-16. Both of these are incorrect. They should be listed simply as 3/8" x 4" (no thread count) lag screws (not bolts).
  • Glass Eyes Online
    Safety Eyes (Solid Black)24mm

All of the milk paint used on the rocking horse is made by General Finishes. The body of the rocking horse was painted with “Queenstown gray.” I then used a simple sponge technique to apply two lighter tones of gray called “driftwood” and “seagull gray” to give the body its dappled appearance. The hooves used “lamp black.” The saddle is “dark chocolate” and the base is painted with “brick red.”

Mortising Machines54

Must Have Hand Saws60

All of the hand saws for this article were purchased from Lie- Nielsen. Saws are also available from Lee Valley, Tools for Working Wood, and other specialty saw makers and retailers.

Shop Notes64

Blade Hook Angles66