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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques5


Page 10: Copy, third column

In the third column, first paragraph, we state that "when mixed with mineral spirits, (beeswax) is a food-safe finish for cutting boards." This is incorrect; it should say "mineral oil" instead of mineral spirits.

Page 11: Caption, upper right photo

In the upper right photo caption, we refer to "A favorite food-grade finish, a mixture of mineral spirits and beeswax..." This should say "mineral oil" instead of mineral spirits.

Using Guide Bushings12

Hearing Protection14

Making Appliqués16

Wood Hinge Cabinet18

Gentle curves and arcs on the doors of this wall cabinet give the project an understated charm. But the real stars here are the wood hinges that attach the doors to the case.

Tambour Chisel Case24

Store your chisels in style with this handsome bench-top chisel case. A tambour lid rolls back to access the chisels and then closes just as easily when you’re done for the day.

Online Extras

Dressing Table30

Adjustable mirrors, a glass top, and plenty of storage space for cosmetics, hair products, and small appliances make this dressing table as functional as it is attractive.

Rotary Tool Router Table42

Rotary tools are well-known for packing a big punch in a small package. But this compact router table will take your rotary tool to a whole new level.

Butcher Block48

The massive, end-grain maple top of this butcher block can handle some serious chopping and food preparation. And the attractive base makes it welcome in any kitchen.


Tenon Basics58

Making Safe Rip Cuts62

Shop Notes64

Issue Updates

Page 67: Rotary Tool & Butcher Block sources

The information for the Stew Mac router base should be listed under the Rotary Tool sources rather than the Butcher Block sources section.