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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques5

Polyurethane Finish10

Router Table Setup Secrets12

New Gear & Gadgets14

Custom Molding Made Easy16

Smartphone Amplifier18

The music coming out of a smartphone’s speaker isn’t the greatest. This quick and easy project gives the speaker a boost and ensures that your tunes are heard loud and clear.

Online Extras

Threading Jig22

With this simple jig, you’ll be creating both inside and outside threads that match perfectly. A threaded metal rod is the key to creating both sets of threads.

Threaded Lid Canisters30

Wood canisters have been used for generations for all types of storage. The threaded lid is a great way to secure the contents inside without using any hardware.

Page 232: Figure 1, Detail 'a'

In Figure 1, detail 'a', the callout states, "Tilt blade 12°". It should state, "Tilt blade 18°".

Adjustable Desk34

Whether you’re sitting or standing, adjusting the top of this desk is a snap. Plus, shop-built hardware keeps the surface of the desk rock solid during use.

Page 39: Detail 'c'

In detail 'c', the three-inch dimension on the Narrow Top Panel should be above the mortise.

Craftsman-Style Tool Cabinet42

This classic tool cabinet features great looks and top-notch storage. But it’s the woodworking techniques you’ll learn while building it that will stand the test of time.

Track Saw Ripping Techniques56

Great Glue Options58

Small Shop Workflow60

Tough Cuts Made Easy62

Shop Notes64