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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques5

Glues That Brave the Elements10

Better Joints with Loose Tenons12

Hold-Downs for Accuracy14

Glue Blocks for Stronger Joints16

Scalloped-Lid Box18

Boxes are great projects, but it’s the decorative, scalloped lid that sets this one apart. Hidden hardware allows it to open quickly and easily.

Shop-Made Brass Hammers24

Brass stock is used to form the heads of these hammers. After a little custom detailing on the brass, add a shaped, solid-wood handle to perfectly fit your hand.

Online Extras

Garden Tower28

This impressive garden piece is sure to capture attention no matter where it’s displayed. Your attention will be drawn toward the angles and tapers that create its unique look.

Shop Storage Boxes36

Common parts and construction are the key to creating any number of these shop storage boxes. They’re handy for keeping a wide range of tools and supplies organized.

Tall Display Cabinet44

The traditional design of this tall cabinet features beveled glass in the front and sides. Along with glass shelves, it ensures that what’s stored inside will take center stage.

Circular Saws in the Shop56

Using Pre-Made Moldings58

10 Tools Every Shop Needs60

Small Saws, Top-Notch Results62

Shop Notes64

Page 65: Detail 'a'

In the detail drawing for the Angled Wide Dado Jig, the fence should be set at 9°, not 8°.