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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques5

Custom Carved Panels12

Powermatic Tenoning Jig14

The Powermatic tenoning jig is available from a number of different online retailers, including Amazon and Woodcraft.

Flattening a Board16

Unique Routed Bowl Jig18

Want to make a bowl but don’t have a lathe? No problem. By building a simple router jig and templates, you can accurately shape the inside and outside curves of a solid-wood bowl.

  • Page 19: Inside Template illustration
    The radius called out for shaping the Inside Template at the bottom of the page is lacking a reference to the bottom edge of the template. There should be a 6" callout from the bottom edge of the template to the bottom of the profile.

Two of the bowls were finished with a couple of coats of oil for protection and to showcase the natural grain of the wood. The painted bowl was finished with General Finishes milk paint. The outside is "Tuscan Red," and the inside is "Antique White."

Ultimate Outfeed Table24

Breaking down sheet goods is a challenge. This mobile table saw lift minimizes the hassle by making it a snap to do it quickly and safely. Plus, it provides storage and an extra worksurface.

The non-laminated portions of the table were sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Knock-Down Shelving System30

Contrasting materials and a stylish design give this shelving system a great look. But the hardware-free, knock-down design means you can easily move it and set it up in minutes.

The shelving unit was finished with two coats of lacquer.

Heavy-Duty Shop Workstation36

No matter what the task at hand is, this workstation can be set up or taken down in minutes. Optional accessories provide expanded capability to make it even more versatile.

  • Nevamar
    Lam. (Maritime Gray)S6027

The workstation was finished with two coats of a wipe-on oil.

Classic Card Catalog Cabinet42

The classic appearance of a card catalog is unmistakable. While this one looks traditional, there’s a secret — extra-wide drawers that provide more useful storage to meet your needs.

The card catalog was stained with General Finishes water-based stain in "Espresso." It was then sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Pocket Hole Joinery Basics52

  • Kreg Tool
    K5 JigK5
    Kreg ForemanDB210
    Kreg Jig HDKJHD
    Plug Cutting KitKPCS

5 Drill Press Mistakes to Avoid56

Our Favorite Cordless Tools58

You'll find a wide variety of cordless tools, including the items discussed in the article, at most home centers. They're also available from a number of different online vendors, such as Amazon and Woodcraft.

Brushing on a Finish60

Shop Notes64

Choosing the Right Bit66