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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques5

Chisels: #1 Tool in the Shop10

Quilted Cutting Board18

It’s easy to make a hard-wearing surface by arranging short, square pieces of wood on end. But mix and match them just right, and you end up with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind project.

The cutting board is finished with two coats of General Finishes Butcher Block Oil.

Sliding Top End Table26

Get more out of your end table with this handy project. The top slides up and out to form a handy surface for working or eating. And abundant storage means everything is close at hand.

  • Page 32: Detail 'b'
    The location of the machine screw in detail 'b' on page 32 is incorrect. The head of the machine screw should be flush with the notch cut in the Arm (Y). This notch is indicated by the dashed line and 1/4" callout.

The end table was stained with a mixture of three parts Zar cherry stain and one part Wood Kote Jel’d stain (cherry). Then it was sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Classic Country Hutch40

Modern construction meets vintage charm in this hutch. Built from inexpensive materials and given an aged painted finish, it provides much-needed storage in a timeless design.

The hutch was painted with two coats of General Finishes milk paint ("Antique White"). Then I sanded the paint in wear areas like corners and around hardware. Next, a thin coat of General Finishes "Van Dyke Brown" glaze was brushed on and wiped off these areas to simulate natural aging. The paneling on the upper cabinet back was finished with General Finishes Seal-A-Cell and glazed in a similar fashion. Finally, a protective coat of lacquer was applied to the entire hutch.

Get More from a Belt Sander58

Better Routing Templates60

Ripping Thin Strips62

Shop Notes64

  • Page 67: Drawer Slides
    The drawer slides for the lumber cart were listed as 24", item #48656. They should be 22", item #44583, to match what is called for in the article.