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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques5

Tackling Angles10

Precision Stopped Cuts12

MLCS Router Lift14

Hand-Cut Dovetails16

Wall Calendar20

Simple to build and easy to rearrange, this wall calendar is a quick weekend project. But you’ll be using it to keep track of the days and months for years to come.

One-Wall Workshop: Versatile Carts24

A flip-top tool stand, a handy router table, and an assembly cart add capability to the one-wall workshop. Best of all, they tuck out of the way when they aren’t in use.

Page 29: Main illustration

In the main drawing, the cutout on the Drawer Front (I) is shown to be 6" wide and 8" from the end of the workpiece. However, that doesn't center the cutout on the front. The 8" dimension should be 9".

Page 29: Main illustration

The False Front (K) is listed as 27 1/2" in the main drawing, but 27 1/4" in the materials list. The materials list is correct.

Box-Jointed Craft Center34

The compact, stacked trays of this craft center provide loads of storage. Then when you’re ready to work, they cantilever out for quick and easy access.

Online Extras

Page 41: Supplies list

The Materials and Supplies list suggests you need (2) continuous hinges. At the length given, only one hinge is necessary to complete the project.

Domed-Top Steamer Trunk42

Frame and panel construction and brass hardware give this trunk its heirloom look. But it’s the domed top that provides the woodworking challenge.

Page 46: Main illustration

There is a discrepancy in the width of the Bottom Rail (H). The drawing on p.46 says it's 2 5/8" wide. The materials list shows 2 1/4". The materials list is correct.

Page 48: Figure 3a

Figure 3a advises the woodworker to 'maintain a 2 1/4" rail width.' It should read 2 3/8"

Get More from a Disc Sander54

Personalizing Projects56

The Efficient Woodworker58

Table Saw Sleds60

Shop Notes64

Page 65: Main illustration

In the drawing on the top of page 65, the template blank is listed as 8 3/8" x 23 1/2". It should be 8 1/2" x 23 1/2". In locating the opening, the centerline is 2" down from the top edge and 6 3/4" from the lower edge. It should be 6 1/2" from the lower edge.