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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques5

Choosing Clock Components10

An internet search will reveal several suppliers of clock parts. The ones I use most often are Klockit, Timesavers, and Woodcraft.

Backrouting for Clean Cuts12

Tools Made in America14

  • Page 16: Third column, second paragraph
    The text incorrectly states that DMT Sharpening is in Middleton, Wisconsin. It is actually in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

All of the items in this article are readily available from one or more of the major woodworking retailers such as Woodcraft, Rockler, Lee Valley, Highland Woodworking, or Amazon. Selection and pricing will vary, so it pays to shop around a bit.

Better Results with MDF18

Puzzle Boxes20

Boxes are always a popular project, but this one has its own unique challenge — a specific sequence of moves is required to unlock it and access the contents inside.

  • Page 23: Figure 2
    In Figure 2 on page 23, the grain direction on the workpiece is running the wrong way in relation to the length of the workpiece. The grain lines appear correctly in Figure 4.

The puzzle boxes were finished with one coat of General Finishes’ Arm-R-Seal Oil & Urethane Topcoat followed by a single coat of wax to keep the parts sliding smoothly.

One-Wall Workshop26

Everything you need to build woodworking projects is designed into a workshop that fits along a single wall. Tuck-under carts provide versatility and a compact footprint.

  • Page 31: Material List, Part 'E'
    Part 'E' (Upper Inner Sides) calls for 3 pieces; it should be 2.
  • Page 33: Materials list, item 'F'
    The length of the top (F) should be 56 1/2", not 76 1/2".

The workbench, workstation, and cabinets were painted with Benjamin Moore’s "Rendezvous Bay" (eggshell). The bench tops and edging were finished with two coats of spray lacquer (satin).

Music Stand36

Do you have a future rock star or budding maestro in your family? This elegant music stand is the perfect accessory to help them build their musical talents.

The rubber washers are available at most home centers and hardware stores. The music stand was sprayed with a couple coats of clear lacquer (satin).

Walnut Wall Clock44

We all hope to find the “time” to build a clock someday. This version features an arched top, a decorative glass panel door, and great woodworking techniques.

  • Page 53: Supplies
    The part number for the clock hands is incorrect. Instead of 20698, it should be 13105.
  • Page 47: Detail 'b'
    Detail 'b' of the main drawing indicates an overhang of 1 1/2". It should be 1/2".

The wall clock was finished with three coats of Arm-R-Seal Oil & Urethane Topcoat from General Finishes.

Shop-Made Edge Guides60

Smooth, Accurate Tenons62

  • General International Tools
    Tenoning Jig50-050

Shop Notes64

  • Page 65: Figure 1
    The spacing of the hinge blocks is shown to be 10 1/4". It should be 8 5/8".
  • Page 67: Timesavers
    The part number for the clock hands is incorrect. Instead of 20698, it should be 13105.