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Tips & Techniques5

Shellac: Foolproof Finish10

  • Page 11: Shellac mixing chart
    On the 2lb. cut line, instead of 6 ounces shellac flakes for 1 quart, it should be 8 ounces shellac flakes for 1 quart.

Low-Cost, Discount Tools14

The item numbers and prices included in this article were current at the time of publication. To find your nearest Harbor Freight store, go to harborfreight.com.

Dresser-Top Valet18

It’s tough to find a convenient storage place for small items. This compact valet keeps your wallet, phone, and other essentials close at hand on the top of any surface.

The valet was finished with a coat of oil followed by two coats of spray lacquer.

Spokeshave Set24

Spokeshaves are great for smoothing and shaping curves quickly and easily. Best of all, in one afternoon you can build a pair for handling both inside and outside curves.

  • Page 25: Figure 3
    In detail 3b, we show Part B positioned incorrectly on the sled. The angle shown as 60° should be 30° and the bottom of the front body should be facing up and towards the back of the saw, not up and towards the front of the saw as shown. In Figure 3, the angle of the sled at the back edge is incorrect, also.

The spokeshaves were finished with a couple of coats of a wipe-on oil finish.

Pet Feeding Center28

Pets have the same needs we do — a place for their stuff. This cabinet provides the solution to keeping all your pet’s things organized and out of sight, yet easy to find.

  • Page 32: Text, first paragraph
    In the printed issue, the second sentence says, "The two drawers use a simple locking rabbet construction technique." It should say, "The two drawers use a simple tongue and dado construction technique."
  • Page 33: Text, 'Two Drawers' section
    In the first paragraph under the "Two Drawers" header, the second sentence reads, "As I said earlier, they're made using locking rabbet joints at the front and rear." It should say, "As I said earlier, they're made using tongue and dado joints at the front and rear."

The food and water bowls for the pet feeding center can be found at most pet supply stores, while the Rubbermaid bin, shelf pins, and knobs are available at many retail and home centers. The lid and knobs were sprayed with a couple coats of lacquer. The rest of the project was painted with Benjamin Moore Aura Eggshell “Dusty Cornflower” #CSP-605.

Shaping & Smoothing Station34

Add-on accessories are the key to turning this shop-built machine into a multi-purpose center for shaping, sanding, and more.

The sanding station was painted with Rust-Oleum’s gray “hammered finish” paint.

Pedestal Desk42

A smooth leather top and eye-catching hardware, along with solid-wood frame and plywood panel construction, are great reasons to put this desk front and center in any home office.

  • Page 59: Illustration
    A part on the right-hand side is listed as being 5/16” -20 hex head bolt. It should be 5/16”-18 hex head bolt.

The desk was stained with a mixture of three parts Zar cherry stain and one part Wood Kote Jel'd stain (cherry). Then it was sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Frame & Panel Joinery54

  • Tools Today
    Amana Bits55432

Mortises: Good to Great!60

Secrets for Cleaner Cuts62

Shop Notes64