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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques5

The Basics of Box Joints18

Turned Canisters20

Basic stave construction forms the body of each canister. But it’s the turned details that really dress things up. A unique lathe mounting system makes the turning a simple task.

Online Extras

The 1/8"-thick cork sheet for the bottom of the canister is available at most craft stores. The entire set of mahogany canisters was finished with three coats of spray lacquer.

High-Pressure Veneer Press26

Applying veneer is always a challenge. The key to success is spreading clamping pressure evenly across the assembly while the glue dries. This press is the solution for doing it right.

Elegant Veneered Chessboard30

This chessboard features stylish box joints at the corners, storage inside for all your chess (and checkers) pieces, and a veneered board you can easily make in your own shop.

  • Page 30: Main Photo
    The lead photo (also shown on the back cover of the issue) shows notches for opening the chessboard lid in two adjacent sides (the right side and the back edge) of the box. The image should show the notches in opposite sides.

I applied a coat of wiping varnish to warm up the color of the playing surface. Then the whole project was sprayed with two coats of satin lacquer.

Rolling Storage Lockers36

Looking to add more storage? These heavy-duty cabinets pack a ton of storage into a small footprint. And the smooth-rolling wheels provide easy access when stacked side by side.

The doors were painted with Aura interior paint by Benjamin Moore in matte finish. The color is Sylvan Mist (CSP-740). The interior was finished with two coats of lacquer.

Farmhouse Dining Table44

Built from construction-grade lumber, then distressed and stained, this table would look right at home in any dining room. A matching bench completes the overall look.

The table and bench were distressed by rounding some edges using files, rasps, and sandpaper. Then it was stained with Varathane Gunstock oil-based stain. When the stain dried, the table was sanded back with open-mesh sandpaper. I sanded heavier on edges, ends, and corners. Next, I applied a coat of General Finishes Van Dyke Brown glaze and wiped it off quickly with a damp rag. Finally, I brushed on two coats of satin polyurethane.

Tenons at the Band Saw54

Sanding Drums56

Great Glueups Made Easy58

Trimming End Grain60

Skill Builder: Stopped Cuts62

Shop Notes64

  • Page 64: Text, last paragraph
    The first sentence incorrectly reads: "To use the jig, chuck a 1/2"-dia. pattern bit with a 1/2" depth of cut into your router." It should read: "To use the jig, chuck a 1/2"-dia. pattern bit with a 1/4" depth of cut into your router."

Grinding Aluminum66

  • Page 67: RUST PREVENTION Sources
    The dehumidifier listed for Dick's Sporting Goods is not available. The source information for the dehumidifier should read: “Cordless dehumidifiers are available at most sporting goods stores. Or visit www.stack-on.com for information about the cordless dehumidifier shown in this article.”