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Table of Contents

Cypress: The Outdoor Wood10

Pecky cypress is available from several sources, such as: Bruner Lumber Company and Cypress Wood & Lumber.

Perfect Parts at the Band Saw16

Wall-Hanging Display Shelf18

The unique design of this shelf allows you to customize the look of the shelves and dividers to suit your display needs. The key is accurately sized parts and dead-on shelf pin holes.

The display shelf was given one coat of primer and then painted with two coats of black paint.

Heirloom Brass Compass22

Making your own hand tools is a practical way to learn a little metalworking. The end result is a useful tool for yourself and something you can hand down to the next generation.

Many of the parts for the brass compass are also available at most hardware stores.

Boat Bookcase26

Many bookcases aren’t all that difficult to build. The curved sides and boat-inspired details of this one will provide a challenge. The end result is a great-looking storage and display solution.

The interior, gunwales, breasthook, and stern thwart were brushed with two coats of amber shellac. The exterior was painted with Benjamin Moore’s Green Meadows (Eggshell Finish) and wiped slightly with a paint pad while wet to expose some of the wood grain. Two coats of lacquer were applied for the final finish.

Combination Router Table34

Building a table is the best way to expand the versatility of your router. This router table adds even more options since you can use it vertically or horizontally to suit the task at hand.

  • Page 38: Detail 'c'
    We show a callout for (1 1/4"-dia. counterbore, 3/4"-deep) but we do not show the diameter of the through hole. This should be called as (9/16" dia. hole) to fit a 1/2"-13 T-nut.
  • Page 40: Detail 'a'
    The lower 1 1/2" dimension (showing from the left edge of the board to center of hole) should be 1 3/4". The 6" dimension should be 5 3/4".
  • Page 36: Detail 'c'
    The 2-3/4" dimension shown on part 'A' for locating the left hole should be 3-11/16" instead.
  • Page 37: Detail 'a'
    The 3" dimension for locating the 1-1/2"-dia. hole on part 'F' should instead be 3-15/16"
  • Page 36: Main Illustration
    The dimensions for locating the two inner dadoes on the top face of Case Top (B) are not given. The inner dadoes are 5 3/4" away from the outer dadoes (edge-to-edge).

The case of the router table was painted with Benjamin Moore’s Calm Cream (Eggshell Finish).

Double Porch Rocker44

A porch without a rocker always seems wanting. So if you’re in the market for a rocker, check out our latest version where classic design meets comfortable seating for two.

  • Page 46: Detail 'b'
    The angle for the top of the rear legs isn’t dimensioned clearly in details 'a' and 'b' on page 46. In detail 'b' the front and back edge of the leg should be extended to the top of the blank. There should be a callout dimension showing that the front edge of the leg is 1 9/16" from the front edge of the blank. The rear edge of the leg should extend to the upper left corner of the blank.
  • Page 46: Detail 'a'
    The distances between the bottom of the mortises for the back should be 14 1/2", not 14 3/4".

To provide protection for outdoor use, the rocker was finished with two coats of transparent cedar Penofin Ultra Premium penetrating oil finish. Apply a new coat every year or two.

Build Better & Faster!58

The Ultimate Accessory60

Shop Notes64

  • Page 65: Main Illustration
    The hole on the left side should be 7/8" from the end of the jig, not the 1-1/2" shown. The hole on the right side should be 1-5/8" from the end of the jig, not the 1-1/2" shown.
  • Page 65: Main illustration
    In the art for the Back Assembly Platform the length of the End holding block should be 15 1/2", not 15 1/4".
  • Page 67: ROUTER TABLE sources
    The part #1030A15 at McMaster Carr is for a plate that is 1 7/8" x 1 7/8"—this is incorrect. The listing should instead be for part #1030A4, which is a 1" x 3" plate with 2 mounting holes.