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Tips & Techniques5

Bullnose Tips & Tricks12

Bullnose profile router bits are available from a variety of the retailers listed at right, including amazon.com, Rockler, MLCS, and Lee Valley. You can visit Amana Tool’s website to find out where to purchase the roundover bits with the Ultra-Glide radius bearing.

Top-Notch Reinforced Rabbets16

Linkin’ Logs18

Check out this update to a classic children’s toy that’s perfect for young and old alike. All of the pieces are larger, making the parts easier to handle. And simple jigs speed up the process of making a complete set of identical parts.

  • Page 24: Detail 'a'
    The dimension from the end of the Small Gable (F) to the first notch should be 1 15/16, not 1 5/16 as shown.
  • Page 24: Middle box, detail 'a'
    Detail 'a' in the center How-To box shows an incorrect dimension of 1 7/16". It should be 1 7/8".

Drill Press Depth Stop26

Upgrade your drill press in a weekend. Then you can quickly drill holes to an accurate depth more precisely. This add-on also makes setting a sanding drum to a specific position a snap.

Classic Cherry Step Stool28

Every home has an item or two out of reach. Build this elegant step stool and you’ll never have to worry about safe and stylish access to a high shelf, sink, or countertop.

The step stool was stained with a mixture of three parts Zar cherry stain and one part Wood Kote Jel’d stain (cherry). Then it was sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Sliding Cutoff Grinder34

Get more from your angle grinder by turning it into a metalworking station. The sliding feature of this benchtop unit makes any grinder not only more useful but also more accurate.

The metal parts below were purchased from All Metals, Inc.:
Steel Bar Channel1" x 1/2" x 1/8" x 24"
Steel Hot Rolled Flat1/8" x 4" x 24"
Steel Leg Angle1" x 1" x 1/8" x 24"
Most parts were painted with Krylon Rust Protector Hammered Finish spray paint in Charcoal Gray. The slide rail was sprayed with lacquer. The fence was painted with red spray paint.

Icebox Wine Cabinet42

There’s not much call for an icebox these days, but the need for a storage and serving center exists in many homes. This cabinet provides a much-needed solution in a timeless icebox design.

  • Page 53: Cutting Diagram
    On the 4th board from the bottom of the cutting diagram, the Part ’PP’ on the end of the board is not needed.

The icebox was stained with Golden Oak from Old Masters. When the stain was dry, it was glazed with a mixture of four parts Burnt Umber and one part Van Dyke Brown using Glazed Effects by General Finishes. Finally, it was sprayed with two coats of satin lacquer.

Dadoes, Grooves & Rabbets60

Taming Angles & Tapers62

Shop Notes64

Finishes for Toys66