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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques5

Brushless Motor Tools10

Tools with brushless motors are made by manufacturers such as DeWalt, Milwaukee, Rockwell, Makita, Bosch, and others. They are available at hardware stores, home centers, and online retailers.

Half-Blind Joinery Made Easy12

Elegant Hall Tree16

Corral the clutter in your entryway with this stylish hall tree. Besides a variety of storage options, the adjustable mirror makes it easy to check your look on the way out the door.

The mirror glass was purchased from a local glass shop. The hall tree was stained with General Finishes' Pecan oil stain and sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Multi-Function Swivel Vise24

Being able to adjust the position of a workpiece or project as you work on it guarantees better results. This shop-built vise uses a ball hitch to make any adjustment quick and easy.

  • Page 24: Supplies list
    The second bulleted item, which reads (1) 1 1/4" Pipe Flange, should be (1) 1" Pipe Flange.
  • Page 27: Main Illustration
    The callout for the pipe flange should say 1" pipe flange.

The hardwood parts of the swivel vise were finished with two coats of spray lacquer.

Note: the Pipe Flange listed is the wrong size. The correct item number from Amazon is B003EAFEKY.

Hobby Workbench28

Need a place to work on crafts and hobbies? This great-looking bench combines the right features of storage, tool accessiblity, and workspace to make any hobby more enjoyable.

  • Page 37: Cutting diagram
    The second board on the cutting diagram doesn't allow for enough pieces to create the top of the bench. The cutting diagram should show that (3) 13/4" x 73/4" – 84 boards are needed. The copy above the boards should read: 13/4" x 73/4" – 84" Hard Maple (Three Boards @ 9 Bd. Ft. Each)
  • Page 31: Main illustration
    The callout ("FIRST: Rip 1-3/4"-wide strips from 1-5/8"-thick hardwood") should instead read: "FIRST: Plane stock to 1-5/8"-thick then rip 1-3/4"-wide strips"

The workbench was finished with several coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal wipe-on varnish.

Gentleman’s Dresser38

This Craftsman-style dresser is based on a classic design and features a lot of great woodworking. And once it’s complete, you’ll enjoy the much-needed storage it provides.

  • Page 49: Note
    The Note accompanying the cutting diagram mistakenly indicates that part M is planed down to 3/8". It should instead reference part MM, reading thus: "Parts C, I, L, and JJ are resawn from 5/4 stock and planed to 3/8" thick. Parts Q and MM are planed down to 3/8" thick. Parts H are planed to 1 1/16" thick. Parts AA are planed to 3/4" thick."

The dresser was stained with Varathane Gunstock stain (made by Rust-Oleum). Then it was sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Box Joint Tips & Tricks50

Keys to Cutting Diagrams54

Working with Plywood58

Shop Notes64

  • Page 67: SWIVEL VISE sources
    The item number for the pipe flange should read: Pipe Flange ... B003EAFEKY