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Table of Contents

Finger-Jointed Keepsake Box14

The gentle curves and fine details of this box make it eye-catching. But it’s the techniques for cutting narrow finger joints and smooth, matching curves that provide the woodworking challenge.

The hardwood lumber for the keepsake box was purchased from Cook Woods. The box was finished with two coats of spray lacquer.

Curved Tray Centerpiece18

This decorative tray is the perfect project for honing your band saw skills. When you’re done, the smooth, seamless look will complement the setting in any room.

Hearne Hardwoods and Boards and Beams Wood Products are a couple of online sources for domestic lumber.

The curved tray was stained with one coat of Minwax’s Aged Oak gel stain. Then it was sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Elegant Dining Table22

The expandable design of this table makes it easy to accommodate a number of guests. And the simple construction techniques ensure success from start to finish.

The table was stained with a mixture of three parts Zar cherry stain and one part Wood Kote Jel’d stain (cherry). Then it was sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Shop Notebook30

  • Page 31: Figure 1
    The extension lines for the two dimensions that show the 3" width of the concave caul in Figure 1 should point to the bottom edge of the hardboard strip (waste side), not the top edge as shown.

Stylish Dining Chairs32

Comfortable seating is the name of the game with these chairs. Steam-bent slats create the curves, and rock-solid construction ensures they’ll last a lifetime.

  • Page 36: Figure 1, Detail 'a'
    The 1/4" dimension from the rip fence to the edge of the groove is inaccurate. The groove should be centered.
  • Page 34: Back leg pattern & detail 'b'
    The length of the upper mortise in the back leg is incorrect. It should be 2 1/8", not 2 1/4".

Online Extras

The upholstery foam and fabric for the chair seats were purchased from a local fabric store. The chairs were finished in the same manner as the dining table discussed above.

Choosing a Vintage Hand Saw46

Great Glue Joints Made Easy48

Lumberyard Lingo50

  • Page 51: Tips & Techniques Sources
    The item number for the Magnetic Holder from Travers Tools was printed slightly incorrectly; it should be 99-001-023 rather than 99-001-23.