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Tips & Techniques4

Cheese & Cracker Tray16

There’s a lot of great woodworking packed into this small serving tray. Best of all, it’s a project that’s a snap to knock out in a weekend — with time to spare.

The serving tray was finished with butcher block oil. Once it's applied, the tray cleans easily with soap and water. The oil needs to be reapplied occasionally to season the board and tray.

Tower Bookcase22

The small size and classic design of this bookcase mean it’ll fit just about any size or style of room. And the painted finish lets you use low-cost materials to build it.

The bookcase was painted with three coats of Benjamin Moore Advance Fossil (AF-65) with a satin finish. The cap and back panel were stained with a mixture of three parts ZAR Cherry Stain and one part Wood Kote Jel'd Cherry Stain, followed by two coats of spray lacquer.

Shop Notebook30

  • Page 31: Caption, Photo 1
    The word "patina" was cut off the caption at the top of the page for Photo 1.

Craftsman-Style Bride's Chest32

You don’t have to be a newlywed to love the look of this stylish storage chest. Sturdy materials and construction make it a family heirloom for future generations.

  • Page 38: Main Illustration, Part R
    The dimension for the width of the Lid Stile (part 'R') in the main illustration at the top of page 38 is incorrect. Instead of 2-5/8", it should be 2-3/4", as listed in the Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram on page 41
  • Page 38: Detail 'b'
    In detail 'b' at the top of page 38, the dimensions shown for the distances between the stiles (parts 'R' and 'S') are incorrect. The dimensions shown do not account for an 1/8" gap between the panel and the bottom of the grooves in the stiles. Instead of the 8-3/4" dimension shown, the correct dimension is 9". Instead of the 15-1/4" dimension shown, the correct dimension is 15-1/2".

I used Varathane's Gunstock stain to give the chest a Craftsman look. Then I sprayed on two coats of clear lacquer. I finished by glazing the chest with General Finishes Java gel stain, then another coat of lacquer to seal the glaze.

Bits for Tearout-Free Routing42

TripleWing router bits are available online directly from MLCS. Freud Quadra-Cut router bits can be purchased from several online retailers, including Amazon, Rockler, and Woodcraft.

Q & A50