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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Must-Have Tapes8

Smooth, Flat Panels10

Get More from a Hand Drill12

Towel Rack16

With this weekend project, you can provide a more attractive spot to hang your towels than a doorknob or shower door. And it features some essential woodworking skills, as well.

Folk Art Whirligig22

All it takes is a gentle breeze to set this mechanical marvel in motion. It’s sure to catch everyone’s eye, and it’s a great opportunity to try a little free-form shaping using hand tools.

Shop Notebook32

Frame & Panel Fireplace Surround34

Upgrade your fireplace by adding a custom-built surround. Basic construction makes it simple to build and you’ll find easy-to-follow instructions for customizing it to suit your fireplace.

7 Tips for Perfect Panels42

Countersinks: Clean Assemblies44

Smoothing with Files & Rasps46

Curves on the Band Saw48

Q & A: Clean Cuts50

Issue Updates

Page 51: Whirligig

The source information for the Benjamin Moore paint color for the Fish Whirligig is incorrect. There is no Electric Regal Blue. The correct color is Electric Blue #2061-40. The paint can be mixed in any of the four bases that Benjamin Moore offers: Contractor grade(lowest quality), ben, Regal, and Aura (best quality). The correct color is shown here: http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/electricblue