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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Must-Have Wall Anchors8

8 Secrets for Perfect Projects14

Custom Knife Block16

Form and function pair up in this simple knife block. Every knife is protected and safely stored. The curved, angled design keeps each one ready for immediate use.

Stylish Hall Bench20

Gracefully shaped arms and legs give this bench a light, open look. But sturdy construction provides rock-solid seating. Top it off with easy-access drawers and this bench is a must-build.

Shop Notebook28

Classic Linen Press30

A linen press is all about storage. And this one has a ton of it. Whether it’s linens, serving ware, or something in between, it’s the perfect choice to satisfy a wide range of storage needs.

Great Grain Matching42

Essential Sanding Tips44

Clamping & Assembly48