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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

The Ultimate Drill Bit10

Forstner bits are a must-have for building great projects. Here’s what you need to know.

Router Table Upgrade12

Want to get more from your router table? Try a coping sled on your next project.

A No-Fuss Mortise & Tenon14

Make a mortise and tenon joint the easy way. Loose tenons are the secret.

Handy Wastepaper Basket18

Besides looking good, this Craftsman-style basket features several interesting techniques.

The wood plugs for the wastepaper basket were stained with General Finishes' Java Gel Stain before being glued in place. The entire basket was then sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Sawbuck Desk22

Rock-solid construction ensures that this desk will be around for years. The unique design and curly maple will turn heads for even longer.

The plastic laminate was purchased locally. The legs and stretcher were primed and painted with black satin spray paint. Then all the parts were sprayed with three coats of lacquer.

Band-Sawn Vases29

Turn a small piece of wood into an elegant, sculpted vase with a few basic band saw cuts.

Online Extras

You can find exotic woods or veneers for the vases from a number of the retailers. These vases were all finished with three coats of lacquer.

Shop Notebook32

Traditional Baker's Rack34

A classic design, metal spindles, and basic woodworking come together to create a project just begging to be filled with baked goods.

  • Page 38: Crest Rail Pattern Illustration
    The depth of the counterbores for the center baluster is listed at 2 1/2"; the callout should read 3" instead.
  • Page 35: Exploded View
    In the illustration, a mortise is missing from the back right leg, near the top.

Rather than staining the baker's rack, I used Trans Tint Dye (Golden Yellow) to shade the lacquer. Then I sprayed on two coats.

Wood Movement: Tips & Tricks44

Long-lasting projects don’t just happen. It’s all in how you deal with wood movement.

Sharpening Made Easy46

Nothing beats a hand tool with a sharp edge. This sharpening primer will get you started.

Precision Table Saw Crosscuts48

Increase accuracy at the table saw with these must-know techniques from our shop.


  • Page 51: Baker's Rack Sources
    The part number 2557 for the iron balusters and knuckles used on the Baker's Rack is not valid. Instead, the customer should order the following items from the original source (Baluster Store): Plain Balusters...2555; Adjustable Knuckles...2345.