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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Cherry: Top-Notch Results8

Learn a few key tips for working with this classic American hardwood.

Time-Tested Clamps10

Handscrews are a traditional tool. Find out why they belong in every shop.

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    Handscrews … Varies

Small Shop Router Tables12

Get big results with the features packed into these pint-sized router tables.

Edging for Plywood14

Build great-looking projects out of plywood with some simple edging secrets.

Details for Precision Joinery16

Discover the little things that make for a rock-solid mortise and tenon joint.

Most of the online retailers carry a fine selection of bench chisels.

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    Medium Shoulder Plane … 042

Coffee Table18

The decorative “X” bracing along the sides of this table are sure to draw attention. What’s really interesting is how simple they are to make.

  • Page 22: Copy
    Text in the middle column says, "Then, a facing is glued to the front and back edges of each leg in order to hide the joint lines from view." It should say, "Then, a facing is glued to the outward facing edges of each leg in order to hide the joint lines from view."

Online Extras

No special hardware is required for the coffee table. The beveled glass panels were purchased at a local glass store. The table was stained with General Finishes’ Candlelight oil stain and then sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Bedroom Mirror27

This wall-mounted mirror brings the bedroom suite to conclusion. And like the other pieces, you’ll find the mirror has the same great look and is just as easy to build.

The mirror was stained with Varathane’s Gunstock Oil Stain and then sprayed with two coats of semi-gloss lacquer.

Shop Notebook30

Craftsman-Style Bar32

Entertaining family or friends in the near future? Then this stylish serving center is sure to be a hit at your next gathering. Simple construction techniques ensure success from start to finish.

The bar was stained with a mixture of equal parts General Finishes’ Candlelight and Brown Mahogany oil stains and then sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Creating Seamless Miters44

Try out these tips and tricks to make tight-fitting miters on small pieces.

The #1 Table Saw Technique46

Ripping is the most basic table saw task. Here’s what you need to know to do it right.

You can find rip blades, push blocks, and other table saw accessories at most hardware stores. If you can’t find them, then the online retailers at right will be able to help you out.